About Where is the Menu

Welcome to Where is the Menu where you can find all of your local places to eat from a click of a button. We have all of the local places, outlets, restaurants and takeaways listed with there information such as description, features (online ordering, delivery, restaurant etc…), Images, Opening times and also images of there takeaway menus so you never need to have a menu sent through the door again!

You can sign up and save your searches  write comments about your favorite food places and also post ideas to them on there page! We do ask you to be responsible when using the comments and reviews section as we will be moderating them.

You can search through all of our listings via several different methods. You can use the main search at the top of the page where you select your cuisine type from the drop down and enter the first 3 digits of your postcode so the system will narrow the amount of takeaways and outlets right down for you.

We also have more open searches where you can select by category or by place from the top menu bar. This will give you a much bigger list to search through but you can narrow it down again on the results page! If you are looking to order food online then please use our ordering website - Shropshire Takeaways

Just enjoy the site!